Monday, 20 May 2013

Part 2..

Well I did say I had no idea what I was doing this really going to be a learning curve,I keep forgetting how to do everything so I seem to have posted the last bit before it was finished so I am just going to continue..

These are a couple of the cakes there are more but I seem to have forgotten where I stored the photos.. the cup cakes were practice cakes especially the rose at the bottom I wanted to have a practice piping roses,not too bad I think..

These are a few of the things I am working on now I seem to do that I get so many things started then never get to finish them..I am going to finish these I promise and will post the completed photos to prove it!

 Last of all is my little companion,Wicket..she keeps me company and looks after me during the day when everyone is out of the house..I love her to bit's..

Well I think that is all for now there is so much more I want to share but till after July 6th  I have to keep it all secret,but I have started and will try my hardest to continue it will do me good and I do hope someone will find it interesting,I will be putting several tutorials up as well over the next few months so do come back and check ..Thank you for taking the time to read through the lives of myself and my two wonderful daughters..

It's been a long time coming ..but here goes!!

Well here I go jumping in with both feet..I have no idea what I am doing but my daughters assure me I can..this is a long time coming I wrote my first blog post nearly a year ago but due to a bad accident it never got posted so i am going to try and go back as far as I can to tell you about my journey,I have always loved crafting,something I got from my own mother,she was a brilliant artist and seamstress and would try her hand at anything apart from knitting and crochet she never got the hang of either,I am much the same I can crochet but don't do much any more I made loads of doilies and doll clothes back in the day,now it is more sewing, embroidery,painting jewellery making and sugar modeling at the end of this will be some of the pieces I have worked on during the last year,although I quite often forget to take photos so not everything will be included and it will probably not be in any order as I am sure I will get it wrong so I shall warn you in advance...
Some of the embroidery will not look as good as it should do due to my health problems,last year I started having blackouts and one was on my way downstairs I managed to smash my hip and elbow,so it has been a long slow recovery,my elbow break has left me with a hand that refuses to close or grip anything very easily so hand sewing is still a bit of a challenge but I think of it as physio sessions the more I use it the better it will get..I hope!
Before all this happened I started working on some christmas decorations for the girls,luckily I had completed most of the sewing so I only had a few bits to finish.These are a few of them..

Also during the year I made a pillow for my friends daughter for her wedding I was really pleased how it came out but I am not sure you will be able to see it too clearly in the photo..

I seem to be working backwards as before this I had a little time on Hobby horses,I so love making them my children loved them when they were little,back in the days when children played with toys not small hand held electronic things..(not that I have anything against them)

Don't you think they are cute..Since christmas I have been making random bits and pieces..

He is so snuggly I think I will probably make some as hot water bottle covers,but that is later this year at the moment it is all wedding stuff and I can't show you that till after the wedding but I can show you the cake I made 
 for my daughters Bridal shower inside were three coloured sponges to give a rainbow effect(should have been more colours but I was too tired to do any more) it was sandwiched together with Nutella(my daughters favorite) and covered in swiss meringue(my favorite)it was a very pale pink something you can't see in this photo.

Paper Bag Coffee Table

Hey Guys

So this weekend i finally got around to redoing our coffee table.  I've been wanting to do something with our coffee table for a while but never really knew what i wanted to do.  Until i was browsing on pinterest one day and saw this flooring technique using those brown paper bags.  And i thought what better way of testing it than to redecorate our coffee table.

So this was our coffee table before, a very worn green table.

So first things first, you need to go pick up some brown paper bags, i got mine at Dollarama for $1.25 i actually picked up two packets and only ended up using about half of one, so lots left over.
  • I used Mod Podge, i did a 50/50 split with water.
  • You also need a stain, we had some left over from a speaker box my fiance was painting, its in a deep red.
  • And i also used some left over paint my sister had lying around in the basement.

To get that worn leather look make sure you crinkle up the paper and rough it up a little

Then your going to mix your water and mod podge, i just used an old Tupperware container.  I then took a piece of crumpled paper flattened it out in my hand, dipped my fingers in the glue and evenly distributed onto the paper on both sides, then just paste it onto the table, or what ever surface your doing.

This is how it looks once its dried, i had to do the table in two days as i ran out of glue the first day...all in all you will use a whole bottle of mod podge if you buy the smallest size.

This is the stain i used its called Bordeaux, its a really nice deep red.

This is after the first coat

And a close up after the second coating.

This is the color paint i decided to do the legs in.

It comes out as a creamy kind of beige white.  It went really well with the red.

Does't that look so much better!!! I was so happy with the results,  It took two days to complete with waiting in between coats and gluing all the paper down.  But well worth it!!

I used this Polyurethane gloss to finish it all off.  To add some shine and a protective coating.  I did two coats as there wont be to much wear and tear on it, it's not like its a floor people are walking on daily.  It said for maximum durability do three coats, so with the two i think it should stay nice and shiny for a while.

And here is the before and after look...What do you think?? i think its a huge improvement!!! so much better than that green haha.

xoxo Amber

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My new obsession

My New Obsession is Silk Pure coconut milk. 
If you have not tried this amazing Dairy free beverage yet, you should drive to the store right now and pick yourself up a jug or two.

It is amazing in Cereals and smoothies. And makes quite a tasty cup of coffee. Blend it with Bananas and freeze for a healthy ice cream.

• 80 calories per serving
• Excellent source of calcium and vitamin D
• Free of lactose and dairy

My sister and i have been going through 2 cartons every week. Okay, well it is mostly myself that drinks it all. lol. I have tried other brands but Silk coconut milk is by far my favorite. Creamy and no weird aftertaste that some of them have.

Here is one of my favorite smoothie recipe using Silk PureCoconut milk

1 Frozen banana (cut in to chunks)
1 cup of Silk PureCoconut milk
1 Tablespoon of Natural peanut butter
1 - 2 tablespoons of Cocoa powder
Sometimes i add a teaspoon of instant coffee as well

Blend everything together and enjoy....
You can add a little water while blending if you don't want it as thick.
However i enjoy eating my smoothies with a spoon. :-)

What are some of your favorite dairy free milk choices? And what flavor smoothie would you choose?


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wedding Shower Ideas

Do you ever have one of those days when you really really want to do something creative and productive. But just have no ideas of what to do or where to begin.
Well today is one of those days for me. I have one whole day off from work...woohoo!! And i want to make the most of it.
 My car is in the shop getting expensive things done to it, new brake pads, and rotary things, etc. But the point being i have no forms of transportation today, so i must occupy myself at home. Hopefully i don't get sucked into Pinterest today, because if i do i will never leave. lol. I may be slightly addicted. I spend more time planning all the cute things i want to make and cook and not enough time actually making them.

My sisters (amber) wedding is coming up all too soon. 3 months and counting. We are planning on hosting a couples wedding shower at the end of April. These are the ideas i have come up with so far:

Guest Book: I made this adorable photo guest book using MyPublisher, i also had a Groupon for it so that helped. I used all of ambers engagement photos and on every other page i added a question for the guests to answer.

The questions in the book are:
  • Where do you see us in 25 years
  • What is the best marriage advice you have ever received
  • How do you keep Richard Happy
  • How do you keep Amber happy
  • When did you know we were meant for each other
  • What are some fun and affordable date night ideas
  • Share a funny memory of the two of us
  • Complete this sentence...Love is never having to.....
  • How many kids should we have and what should we name them
  • What are your tips to falling in love, over and over again
  • And the last couple pages are blank with the title: Comments, Sayings, memories, Quotes, Stories

Food: My mum and I have decided that the best and easiest option is going to be a selection of dips and dippers. And a few tasty one bite dessert options. It is a 3'oclock wedding shower so we are just providing light snacks for people

Drink: We are going to make a large amount of white wine sangria. Yummy. These recipes from Pinterest look like they are going to be tasty, i just have to pick one.

 This is a Strawberry and blueberry sangria from
    This will probably be the winning recipe. I like how it has lemonade in it. From

Friday, 5 April 2013

17 Easy and Cute Things To Do With A Mason Jar

Hey Guys!!!
How are you? any fun plans for the weekend?

Now i for one am a pretty big fan of mason jars, i recently purchased 80 from Walmart for our wedding this July.  And for all of you Mason Jar fans here are some cute and easy crafts to make.

1. Use a stencil and chalkboard paint to customize Mason Jars
This is what we are doing for the wedding, for our guest drink cups.

2. Sewing Kit

3. Wall-Hung Bathroom Storage

4. Wall Planters

5. Children's Craft Storage

Glue a toy animal to the lid and paint.

6. Yarn Dispensers
Drill a hole into the top of a mason jar for cute, colorful yarn storage.

7. Painted Vases

8. Cupcakes in a Jar

9. Make a Terrarium

10. Store Salads for a Picnic or a Quick Lunch

Click Here for a tasty recipe

11. Label with a Hot Glue Gun

12. Make a Soap Dispenser

13. S'mores in a Jar

14. Glue Jars Together to Create an Office Supply Organizer

15. Create a Snow Globe

16. Herb Planters

17. Sippy Cups

I hope this Inspired you to go create something cute and adorable with some Mason Jars, i know its made me want to, i might even go pick up another care so i can have some to play with.

I got my pictures from Pinterest, If any of these photos are yours, please email me so i can give you the credit!

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xoxo Amber