Monday, 20 May 2013

Paper Bag Coffee Table

Hey Guys

So this weekend i finally got around to redoing our coffee table.  I've been wanting to do something with our coffee table for a while but never really knew what i wanted to do.  Until i was browsing on pinterest one day and saw this flooring technique using those brown paper bags.  And i thought what better way of testing it than to redecorate our coffee table.

So this was our coffee table before, a very worn green table.

So first things first, you need to go pick up some brown paper bags, i got mine at Dollarama for $1.25 i actually picked up two packets and only ended up using about half of one, so lots left over.
  • I used Mod Podge, i did a 50/50 split with water.
  • You also need a stain, we had some left over from a speaker box my fiance was painting, its in a deep red.
  • And i also used some left over paint my sister had lying around in the basement.

To get that worn leather look make sure you crinkle up the paper and rough it up a little

Then your going to mix your water and mod podge, i just used an old Tupperware container.  I then took a piece of crumpled paper flattened it out in my hand, dipped my fingers in the glue and evenly distributed onto the paper on both sides, then just paste it onto the table, or what ever surface your doing.

This is how it looks once its dried, i had to do the table in two days as i ran out of glue the first day...all in all you will use a whole bottle of mod podge if you buy the smallest size.

This is the stain i used its called Bordeaux, its a really nice deep red.

This is after the first coat

And a close up after the second coating.

This is the color paint i decided to do the legs in.

It comes out as a creamy kind of beige white.  It went really well with the red.

Does't that look so much better!!! I was so happy with the results,  It took two days to complete with waiting in between coats and gluing all the paper down.  But well worth it!!

I used this Polyurethane gloss to finish it all off.  To add some shine and a protective coating.  I did two coats as there wont be to much wear and tear on it, it's not like its a floor people are walking on daily.  It said for maximum durability do three coats, so with the two i think it should stay nice and shiny for a while.

And here is the before and after look...What do you think?? i think its a huge improvement!!! so much better than that green haha.

xoxo Amber


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