Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Busy Bees

Post By Jamie

Hey, so it has been quite some time since myself (jamie) or my sister amber have actually posted anything on this blog. We have been rather busy, and i have always forgotten to take pictures of the few craft projects i actually get round to making. 
Amber has been better than me, she has started her own blog that covers everything she loves, she shares her inspirations, recipes, tutorials, fashion, beauty and thoughts. And if you haven't  checked it out yet, you probably should skip on over there right now and have a read.
Click this link to take you there, have fun:

You may be wondering why we have been so busy, Well many things have happened. Amber and her fiance Rich have moved into my basement. They are getting married next summer...Yay!! and they need to save up as much money as possible  For the wedding, and for there dream house. So pumped for there wedding!! I am the maid of honor. 
        And about 8 weeks ago our mum (sally) had a black out and fell down the stairs in her house. Luckily my dad was home and was able to call an ambulance right away. She was in alot of pain. Turns out she shattered her hip and had to have a full hip and joint replacement OUCH and she broke her right elbow, Double OUCH! She was in hospital for a full 2 weeks and just had her cast removed 3 days ago. She is still in alot of pain. 
If anybody has broken their elbow before and has any tips, advice or stories please share with us, as my mum would love to be able to hear from other people who have gone through the same experience. 
        I have also signed up for distance education. I have decided to take the institute of booking course at red river. I have 9 courses to complete in total until i can get my certificate. I am only on #1 & 2 out of 9. Word 2007 (super easy), and financial accounting 1 (which i am strangely enough really enjoying).
But we are going to really make an effort from now on, to keep the blogging up. Well at least Amber will for sure. lol

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