Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dream Craft Room

Hey Fellow Crafters!
As a crafter one of the many things that we dream of is having that ultimate craft room with a place for all your millions of bits a pieces, to be organized and have a nice counter to work and not feel cramped or messy.  The ultimate crafter's rooms, can you imagine!! Do any of you have that perfect space to escape to so you can create in peace?? A room that fills you with inspiration and creativity!  And then to actually have all the supplies needed and stored in its own little home ready to be grabbed when wanted.

Here are some of my dream craft spaces, that one day i can re-create in our home.

Aren't they just amazing beautiful spaces!! All of the things we could create in these rooms...

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What Now?? Leave a comments let us know what your dream craft room would look like
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xx The Three Magpies

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Focus, Blog, Craft...

Hey Guys!!

So i know we have been saying this for a while now that we want to really focus on this blog and craft more, but its just been really hard to sit down and focus on what we want to do.  I know my mom is in full force of crafting at the moment, but now myself and Jamie need to get our butts into gear.  Our goal and dream would be able to really focus on this blog, open up an Etsy store to one day sell our products, once we have some inventory built up that is.  Go to craft shows around the city and sell there also,  I mean we all love crafting so much that why not try and make a living out of it, i know its not going to be easy and it will probably take us some time to get everything sorted, but i invite you all to come along on our journey!  Learn with us, experience it all with us and hey maybe even teach us a few things.

I have a couple things that i want to get going, i'm obsessed with minky blankets so that's something that i want to make more of,  as well as some cute baby swaddling blankets, i-phone cases, jewelry, cards, scrapbook art and get some more knitting done.  I have a huge list on Pinterest full of crafting inspiration that i want to start on.

I Finally finished my second minky blanket, it gave me a lot more issues this time, mainly because i didn't take the time to pre-stitch so the fabric stretched a lot more which made it hell to sew on the machine.  But i finally finished it and it turned out great, i am currently snuggled under it while i'm writing this post, and it is so soft and warm!

Seriously greatest blanket to snuggle under

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.  You can follow us through Google friend connect, in the sidebar.  Leave a comment to say hi :) and we will be back with another post shortly...fingers crossed!!

xx Amber