Monday, 20 May 2013

It's been a long time coming ..but here goes!!

Well here I go jumping in with both feet..I have no idea what I am doing but my daughters assure me I can..this is a long time coming I wrote my first blog post nearly a year ago but due to a bad accident it never got posted so i am going to try and go back as far as I can to tell you about my journey,I have always loved crafting,something I got from my own mother,she was a brilliant artist and seamstress and would try her hand at anything apart from knitting and crochet she never got the hang of either,I am much the same I can crochet but don't do much any more I made loads of doilies and doll clothes back in the day,now it is more sewing, embroidery,painting jewellery making and sugar modeling at the end of this will be some of the pieces I have worked on during the last year,although I quite often forget to take photos so not everything will be included and it will probably not be in any order as I am sure I will get it wrong so I shall warn you in advance...
Some of the embroidery will not look as good as it should do due to my health problems,last year I started having blackouts and one was on my way downstairs I managed to smash my hip and elbow,so it has been a long slow recovery,my elbow break has left me with a hand that refuses to close or grip anything very easily so hand sewing is still a bit of a challenge but I think of it as physio sessions the more I use it the better it will get..I hope!
Before all this happened I started working on some christmas decorations for the girls,luckily I had completed most of the sewing so I only had a few bits to finish.These are a few of them..

Also during the year I made a pillow for my friends daughter for her wedding I was really pleased how it came out but I am not sure you will be able to see it too clearly in the photo..

I seem to be working backwards as before this I had a little time on Hobby horses,I so love making them my children loved them when they were little,back in the days when children played with toys not small hand held electronic things..(not that I have anything against them)

Don't you think they are cute..Since christmas I have been making random bits and pieces..

He is so snuggly I think I will probably make some as hot water bottle covers,but that is later this year at the moment it is all wedding stuff and I can't show you that till after the wedding but I can show you the cake I made 
 for my daughters Bridal shower inside were three coloured sponges to give a rainbow effect(should have been more colours but I was too tired to do any more) it was sandwiched together with Nutella(my daughters favorite) and covered in swiss meringue(my favorite)it was a very pale pink something you can't see in this photo.

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