Thursday, 16 May 2013

My new obsession

My New Obsession is Silk Pure coconut milk. 
If you have not tried this amazing Dairy free beverage yet, you should drive to the store right now and pick yourself up a jug or two.

It is amazing in Cereals and smoothies. And makes quite a tasty cup of coffee. Blend it with Bananas and freeze for a healthy ice cream.

• 80 calories per serving
• Excellent source of calcium and vitamin D
• Free of lactose and dairy

My sister and i have been going through 2 cartons every week. Okay, well it is mostly myself that drinks it all. lol. I have tried other brands but Silk coconut milk is by far my favorite. Creamy and no weird aftertaste that some of them have.

Here is one of my favorite smoothie recipe using Silk PureCoconut milk

1 Frozen banana (cut in to chunks)
1 cup of Silk PureCoconut milk
1 Tablespoon of Natural peanut butter
1 - 2 tablespoons of Cocoa powder
Sometimes i add a teaspoon of instant coffee as well

Blend everything together and enjoy....
You can add a little water while blending if you don't want it as thick.
However i enjoy eating my smoothies with a spoon. :-)

What are some of your favorite dairy free milk choices? And what flavor smoothie would you choose?


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