Monday, 20 May 2013

Part 2..

Well I did say I had no idea what I was doing this really going to be a learning curve,I keep forgetting how to do everything so I seem to have posted the last bit before it was finished so I am just going to continue..

These are a couple of the cakes there are more but I seem to have forgotten where I stored the photos.. the cup cakes were practice cakes especially the rose at the bottom I wanted to have a practice piping roses,not too bad I think..

These are a few of the things I am working on now I seem to do that I get so many things started then never get to finish them..I am going to finish these I promise and will post the completed photos to prove it!

 Last of all is my little companion,Wicket..she keeps me company and looks after me during the day when everyone is out of the house..I love her to bit's..

Well I think that is all for now there is so much more I want to share but till after July 6th  I have to keep it all secret,but I have started and will try my hardest to continue it will do me good and I do hope someone will find it interesting,I will be putting several tutorials up as well over the next few months so do come back and check ..Thank you for taking the time to read through the lives of myself and my two wonderful daughters..

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