Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial

Recycled Sweater
Wine Bottle Gift Bag Tutorial 
by J.S

When i had finished making my cozy Sweater throw pillow, and had managed to tear myself aware from staring at its cuteness. I went to clean up the mighty mess i had made in my craft room ( i am not a tidy crafter) But in my defense cutting up an old sweater does lead to a lot of fluff.
I looked at the arms of the old sweater and just couldn't throw them away, I am definitively a material hoarder, ok just a general craft supply hoarder. You just never know when you are going to need that little piece of material or paper scrap.

Anyhoo, this sweater gift bag is perfect to give as a hostess gift with a nice bottle of wine tucked away inside its cozy home.

Step 1: Take your Sweater sleeve and place it over the bottle you will be gifting. Cut where you think would be a good place.
Step 1

Step 2: You are going to want to turn the sleeve inside out. Now go find yourself a piece of scrap fabric and cut it into a circle the size of the bottom of your sleeve. I just used an old tin and traced around it.

Step 3:  Now go ahead and pin this circle to the bottom of your sleeve. (Wrong side of the fabric facing you) Stitch all the way around it.
step 3

Step 4: You are basically done. Turn the bag right side out. For the tie, i just took another scrap of sweater, rolled it up, gave it a quick stitch down the middle to kind of hold it together, and then tied it round my bottle. Yay. You could also use some ribbon, or the same fabric you used for the base. Its up to you.

The hardest part is giving it away.

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