Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Easy Minky Blanket

 Hey Guys,

    Today i am doing a minky blanket tutorial, i saw these cozy soft looking blankets on my browsing of pinterest, a daily addiction of mine!! anyways i saw these blankets and was determined to make one for a friend of ours who is expecting a baby in December.  Now i am new to the sewing world so i have been keeping to easy usually squared items such as pillows, so my next step was a mom warned me that sewing a minky was not a pleasant experience as the fabric is very slippery and likes to move i made and did every precaution i could think of, i pinned every centimeter it felt like, and then pre stitched all the edges so when i did my final machine run fingers crossed everything goes smoothing.

First your going to choose your fabric, so as you know i went with the minky for one side in a cream color, and for the opposite sides i did an owl print fleece...i figured as this little bundle of joy is being born mid December it can be pretty cold here in Winnipeg so at least it will have this blanket to cozy up to.

Next you want to measure out your fabric, i did a 42 inch square but by the time you take into account your seam allowance my blanket probably ended up being around 38 inches (being new to sewing i'm not good at doing small seam allowances so half the time my project is actually like 5+ inches smaller than its original measurement so i always take into account of cutting my pieces just a little bit bigger.


  Next up is the long process of pinning, remember to pin right sides together!!! now as you can see i did a lot of pins just to be on the safe side...if you are a more confident sewer than you could probably get away with less pins but as i had never dealt with minky i really really wanted to be on the safe side...after i pinned i then proceeded to sew around all the edges but remember to leave a gap so you can turn in the right side round again.

Next up, get that machine out...sorry for my messy sewing area, we just moved and i have yet to completely sort though and put everything away.

Then just sew away...i did it slowly, make sure you take your time try not to rush it certainly if your new!!! I would sew until i hit a pin then take about 5 out then sew till i hit the next pin then take another 5 out and so on so on until you are all done...remember to leave a gap one one side i think i left about a 5 inch gap on one side to turn the blanket the ride side.

Look at all those pins it felt like it went on forever!!!

Next up once you've finished sewing, before you turn it the right side, your going to cut the corner so you can a nice pointed corner on the finished project.

It should look something like this...make sure not to cut over your stitches!!!

Then all you need to do is sew up the opening that was left and your all done!!!! You could also sew around the edges to add a little extra support that i may still do...but thats about it...easy peasy if you take your time at the prepping stage!!!

   hope you enjoyed and go give it a go...i am in love with the finished blanket, i don't want to give it away!!

xoxo amber

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