Thursday, 29 November 2012

Co-Worker Gifts

Gift Ideas for Co-workers
By Jamie

     Every year at Christmas time i like to give my co-works a little holiday prezzie to say thank you for all there hard work, But there is 10 of them and i am not made of Last year i put together hot chocolate and a candy cane in a nice little package with a note that says wishing you a warm and cozy Christmas.
     This year i can't decide on what i want to make, so i rounded up a few great ideas (from amazing bloggers) i found on my favorite place to explore....Pinterest. :-) I have the links attached so you can check out the original bloggers and find even more great gift ideas.

From 'How She Does It': A pack of sugar cookie dough with the caption: We could all use a little extra 'dough' this Christmas.

Grinch Pills

From the 'Dating Divas': Twizz the season to be jolly
My manager LOVES maybe this for her.  A big mug with  some instant soup with the tag 'have a Souper Christmas' From the Dating Divas

Now all i have to do is decide on which one i'm making.....hhhmmm
Did you know that there is only 25 days until Christmas day!! yikes. 
If you guys have any other really cute gift ideas for co-works leave me some comments below. I always need ideas. 

Have a great night, and make sure you are ahead of the game and get your holiday shopping done now..before the malls get even crazier!

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