Thursday, 7 March 2013

Project in the Works

Hey Guys!
So i have started a new craft project, a nice easy one to ease me into the Crafters world.  I saw this on Pinterest  of coarse ha ha and really wanted to make one.  We don't really have much art and buying some right now is a little expensive as we are saving for our wedding, coming up soon!!! just under 4 months, can't believe it.  But anyways so with saving for the wedding and hopefully buying a house our funds are a little tight.  So making my self some pretty art would make this place a little more decorative without having to spend to many pennies.

So this is what i'm planning on making, all you need is:

  • 1 12x16 inch canvas
  • 1  4oz acrylic grey paint (or what ever color background you would like)
  • 5 pieces of scrapbook paper
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • foam paint brushes
  • mod podge

This is how far i've gotten at the moment. 
  •  I took my pages of scrapbook paper and cut them into about 2 inch strips...don't worry about being accurate it looks better if there is a variety of sizes.
  • You then take the strips and cut them into squares i got 4 from a strip, you then just cut one corner edge to edge, then the other one to form a leaf shape.  And again if they are not all the same size thats fine in fact make sure you have some larger ones and smaller ones.
  • Then in the left corner i have my pile of cut out leaves all ready to go.

So all i need to finish my project is the canvas, paint and some more mod podge as i can borrow my sisters glue gun :)

So this is my project in the works, i'm so excited to see the outcome i will hopefully be able to get the rest of the supplies this weekend perhaps!!! (fingers crossed)

Once i have it all finished i will write up a tutorial and post my finished art project on here so you can make your self something pretty too!!

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