Thursday, 28 March 2013

Scrapbook Art

Hey Guys!
Whats everyone's plans for the Easter Break?  I have 5 days off and i'm so excited to have a little stay-cation  We have a couple Easter dinners with family then i'm going to try and get through some of our packed up boxes and sort through them, i want to make a keep, throw and give away boxes so that way when we get into our own home we will fingers crossed not have as much stuff.

So i finished up my Scrap book art project, it turned out well i'm pretty pleased with it.  I still need to get a frame for it so i can actually hang it up, its currently leaning on a window sill just waiting for a cat to knock it over haha.

So this is the finished product, like i said it just needs a frame, i'm pretty happy with the results its colorful and cute and adds a nice touch to our very artless basement.  And it was really easy to make.

  1.  Like i said in a previous post first you cut your strips about 2 inches wide
  2. Then cut your strips into squares about 4 per strip.
  3. Then cut each corner into a curved angle to form the leaf.

4.I brought a plain white canvas from a Dollar Tree actually and black paint from there also,  i was going to go to Micheal's but i figured as this was a first time project i didn't want to spend big bucks on my supplies.
5. I did two coats of the black and watched a tv show while it dried.

Once you have painted your canvas, and cut out your petals you then plan out your flower.
After that you just go through and pick up a leaf, glue it and go on until all the petals are glued down.
I then just used Mod Podge to go over the whole canvas to seal everything in.

Th e Mod Podge also gives it a glossy look.

So thats my finished art project.  If your looking for something fun and easy to do that adds a little fun to a room try this one, its super cheap to do, this project maybe cost me $5 to make.

Do you guys have any fun cheap crafts you like to make?  If so leave a comment down below..i love learning about new crafts 

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xx Amber

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