Sunday, 19 February 2012

My knitting adventures

My First Scarf
by: A.M

Now as a beginner knitter i'm going to say the best way to start is with a scarf its a great way to perfect your stitches, i have found it to be an amazing help as all you do is knit or purl. f you can knit and perfect your scarf moving on to other projects will be a breeze.....i'm not saying its always easy as sometimes i forget whether i just did a knit stitch or a purl as my mind often wonders to other places!  But like anything, practice makes is my journey as i perfect my knitting abilities first a couple scarves until i perfect my knit and purl stitches....then my next project is a nice cozy comfy pair of slippers like these....

  Here is how i do my scarves

I like to make big chunky warm cozy scarves, i like the infinity look and being able to just wrap it around and not have to worry about the ends always falling out, and if you make your scarf big enough you can use it as a hood also

just like this....
it will keep you so warm in the winter!!!!!

this is what your going to use:
  • 8mm or US 11 knitting needles
  • bulky yarn any color

what your going to do:
  • Cast on 26 to 30 stitches depending on how wide you want it
  • for this green scarf i just did knit stitch
  • i knitted until my scarf reached 60 inches in length
  • the width is 11 inches
  • once you have reached your length cast off
  • then sew each end together
  • wrap and enjoy!!!
here's a sneak peek on my new scarf project:

Hope you enjoyed xx now go knit!!!!

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