Saturday, 11 February 2012

Recycled Sweater Throw Pillow Tutorial

Sweater Throw Pillow Tutorial
By. J.S

I just finished making my new throw pillow. I love it!! So warm and cozy. All i need now is a hot chocolate to go with it...mmmm chocolate. 
My mum and i were spending a wonderful Saturday together going round thrift stores to see what treasures we could find. This jumped out at me, a large cozy sweater and only $1.00!! What a steal of a deal, how could i possible say no to that. So i bought it, its new purpose was to become another cozy couch pillow.
As you can tell from the picture, my dog Chewie also agrees that it is indeed cozy. lol.

So all you need to make this is a Size Large or Extra large sweater, depending on your desired finished pillowcase size. 
Cut the sweater into two equal size squares just a bit bigger than your pillow form. Iron some interfacing on the wrong side of your sweater. This really helps hold it all together.

Sew around the edges to seal in the ripped seams.

Now just place the right sides together and sew around all 3 sides. Turn right sides out. 
Now put the pillow form in and slip stitch the edge shut. Easy Peasy!!

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